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P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }Today we are delighted to welcome to AJE a guest contributor – jewellery Designer and Artist Louise Goodchild to tell us a little bit about what inspires her beautiful and immaculate wire work.

Hello, I’m Louise
Goodchild and I work full-time as the designer/maker at Louise
Goodchild Designs. I’ve been working with wire for a few years
now. Anyone who follows my work will know that I’m a confirmed
bead addict as well as a wire worker – I have a lampwork ‘problem’,
which I daren’t indulge too often! Luckily, I can squeeze quite a
lot of colour into my wire pendants, which are mostly made with
coloured wire and seed beads, so I don’t get bored.

I work from
two desks in the corner of our guest bedroom, and I have to confess,
as much as I love it when my desks are tidy, I often work in utter


What Inspires You?
I’m often asked
this question. Sometimes I think it may be easier to reply with what
doesn’t inspire me! My imagination is usually in overdrive, so it
often only takes a chance phrase or glimpse to prompt an idea. Like
many people, for me visual inspiration is a great trigger – just
going outside can be a good kick starter if I’m in a bit of a
creative slump. This small laburnum in my front garden is in bud and
will be flowering soon. It wasn’t a great stretch to imagine a
laburnum pendant, so out came the wire and beads.

Admittedly, I do make a
lot of pictorial wire pendants, so the vision in front of me is often
translated fairly literally when it’s in my hands. Although, of
course, artistic licence is a wonderful thing! Those who know my
work may also know I have a slight obsession with ‘sheepsies’ – this
photo of distant sheep in the fields was taken on Sunday, but my
Springtime Splendour was not the first – nor likely to be the last!
– featuring sheep.

Colour – and all the
delicious combinations found in nature – are a great inspiration to
me. The sky seen from my front door gave me the most beautiful
palette for my Setting Sun pendant.

Inspiration doesn’t have
to be translated directly, of course. My flowering honeysuckle last
year inspired this bracelet – the colours were just so vibrant. I
couldn’t resist putting together a palette of beautiful beads in
the same colour scheme.

I also take inspiration
from stories and fairy tales – several of my pendants, and many of
my drawings are based on myth, legend and folklore. Here are two variations of one of my most popular designs –
the wire goddess (originally created as an entry into the logo
challenge for the Wire Goddess Team on Etsy – I didn’t win!).  When I’m asked to make these as commissions it’s often to represent the wearer or a departed loved one, which
is really quite humbling.

So what inspires you? What
do you do to kick start your creativity if your muse has done a
vanishing act?


A few more of Louise’s lovely pictorial wire pendants available from her Etsy shop.

Lesley Watt

Lesley Watt started making jewellery in 2009 with a handful of hobby store beads but quickly discovered art beads and became completely smitten. Taking courses in metal clay, metal smithing, enamelling and etching she began making her own components in 2011 and has never looked back. Always looking to try new things she has branched out into ceramics, bead embroidery, mixed media and textiles.
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    Absolutely beautiful work Louise and great to see what inspires your design. Thank you for writing for us today.

  2. Nice to read this about Louise. I love the octopus and wire goddess pendants!

  3. Beautiful work as always Louise, you have a distinctive style 🙂

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    Your work is wonderful!

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    Gorgeous pieces! I've never seen landscapes in wire before, your colors are amazing! So happy to have been 'introduced' to you. 🙂 🙂

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    Stunning work Louise! Enjoyed reading more about you!

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    Absolutely Amazing!!! I love your pieces and I'm so happy to see your work here on AJE!

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    I love this concept of scenic pendant – the setting sun and goddess are very beautiful

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    Gorgeous work – wow! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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    Gorgeous work,loved reading about what inspires you!

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    Oh my how Delicious your work is. I love where you get your inspirations from and how you translate them into pure beauty. I am so happy to have been introduced to your work!!!

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    Aw, thank you for the lovely comments, everyone! 🙂 x

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    Oh, I saw your little sheepies on Flickr! I love your scenic pendants–the sunset and the castle are divine! I also love the medieval-inspired window with the flowering vines, I picture a Renaissance maiden at the sill, waiting for her knight!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your work and inspiration with us! I've never seen anything like your work before and I just love it!

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    What amazing and totally original work. I love your use of color and seeing all the things that inspire you. So glad to have been introduced to your work!

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    Awesome wirework Louise.

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