Weekly Keep-Our-Sanity Challenge – Red


The crew at Art Elements decided we need a little art food for the soul. Diana Ptaszynski proposed the initial idea and got us all started: 

“Should we do some more mini challenges in here that are just for us, in an attempt to maintain our sanity in all of the craziness? Maybe some sketching mini challenges? Or some little theme challenges or something?”

For our first challenge, we decided to go with a theme color. We chose Red. Some wanted to use this as a complete unplugging from the current political climate. Others wanted to express their feelings about what is going on. I hope you enjoy the results (many are in progress – we only had a week. But honestly I think it’s pretty amazing that everyone pulled off such beautiful work on the spur of the moment with only a few days of time). 

By the way, we plan to do a weekly challenge like this. So stay tuned!

Lesley Watt: Embroidered Heart. Don’t know what this will end up as …just worked its way into my head and had to come out one way or another. Words borrowed from Pat Benatar.

Diana Ptaszynski‎: Wool Felted Hearts

Cathy Spivey Mendola: Mixed Media Art

Niky Sayers: Mixed Media Art

Karen Totten: Wool Felt Project in progress. Inspired by a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley: “Rise like Lions after slumber – In unvanquishable number – Shake your chains to earth like dew – Which in sleep had fallen on you – Ye are many – they are few.”

Karen Totten: Wool Felt Project in progress – Color Selection

Susan Kennedy: Beaded Heart, part of a Four Seasons series: This is going to be spring. The title is “Take Your Broken Heart”. Summer will be a rainbow. Fall still TBD. Winter is a “Snowflake”.

Claire Fabian: Mixed Media Art.

Jennifer Stout Cameron: Base of a journal spread; art in progress.

Cooky Schock: Woven bracelet in progress.

Jenny Davies Reazor: More painting and some stitching to come.

Jenny Davies Reazor. The completed painting.

Jenny Davies Reazor. Collage, watercolor, Lino print, colored pencil, marker.

As I mentioned, be sure to return next week for our next installment. The theme will be a surprise. 😉



Karen Totten

Karen has worked professionally as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines: architectural design, illustration, art direction, mixed media art, interaction design. She currently works full time as a User Experience (UX) Design Principal for an international consultancy. When not flying to work every week, her other passions are ceramic art, sketching, and occasionally, jewelry design. “For me, the creative life, from UX to fine art, has always been one of exploration and adventure. As the daughter of an air force navigator, I grew up a traveler. To this day I am intrigued by stories and motifs that transcend time, culture, and geography.“
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    Each and every one is fabulous, inspiring, strong & creative, each in the artist’s own voice. It is so fascinating to see what our souls express, isn’t it?! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Thank you so much for this!! I have hit my creative brick wall…now I can find the ladder to climb it!!!

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    I take courage from these diverse works of art. We are indeed strong. Thanks for sharing.

    • Tina
    • February 5, 2017

    I like the weekly challenge a lot! Its interesting to see all of the interpretations of a single idea or theme.

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    So fun and I love the 80’s reference 😉

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