The Whole Bead Show

May 7, 2014 , In: Events, General, Inspiration
This past weekend my AJE friend Linda Landig and I were vendors at the Whole Bead Show.
Linda on the left, Kristi on the right.
It’s always fun hanging with Linda and the other Artisans.
We’ve done this show a few times now so it’s like a big happy family!
My Copper Components on display.
Linda’s new Ceramic Components.
It’s always fun hanging with Linda and other artisans.
Here’s some of the wonderful tables of goodies we tried to resist!
Lara Lutrick

Lori Bergmann

Gorgeous Buttons!

Oh ya!

Red Coral
 I seriously squealed when I saw these!!

Blue Opal, Silver Moonstone, Leopardskin Jasper

I already made earrings with the Leopardskin Barrels that I’ll share on my next Earrings Everyday post!


Beads from Felicia Wartnik

Beads from Lara Lutrick
Already looking forward to next year!!


Kristi Bowman

Kristi Bowman has been working with Precious Metal Clay since 2008, she's moved from Silver to Bronze now Copper.    She's been dabbling in various forms of art most of her life but only recently really made it part of everyday life. A little bit of Polymer Clay has recently been added along with some Enameling and Pewter Casting and many other art forms she hasn't quite found the time to play with.
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    I love doing shows with you. Friendship and beads. What could be better?

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    Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures so that I can live vicariously! I did not realize that you two lived in the same area. How wonderful to have a creative buddy nearby!

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      We're not close enough to get together often, over 2 hours but it's close enough for once in awhile!

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    Great finds! I love attending and vending at bead shows because those are the people who truly get me. lol!

    • Reply

      Absolutely!! People always wear their best handmade jewelry so it's always fun to point it out and talk about it. I like to ask what people got and get them to share their beady finds!!

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    I would love to do shows with a friend! I am so happy the two of you did this again!!!

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