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The Problem With Not Buying Beads!

April 12, 2017 , In: Jewelry, Metalsmithing, Tutorials

My jewellery making mojo has gone MIA since we are 1/4 of the way through the year and I have not brought a single artisan bead/treasure! It seems my desire to create is very much linked to the joy of receiving a new treasure in the post and then the challenge of finding the perfect beads in my stash to complement it, so not a lot of making has been going on!

To try and get my creative juices going I decided I would just sit and play with my beads and components and of course because I had not been making much jewellery my supplies of everything (metals) were running low so I raided my scraps pot and created this charming spring necklace (with some of my favourite lampwork head pins by our very own amazing artist Jen Cameron) and I thought I would share how it was made….

Silver from my scrap pot was heated to form balls (I measured each pile of scrap silver out on scales so that the balls would be the same sized) I then hammered the balls flat to form tiny discs.

The discs were then domed using  dapping block and I drilled a hole through the centres (in retrospect I should have hammered the discs thinner and used the hole punch pliers to make the holes as drilling tiny domed discs is just hard work)!

I was going to add jump rings to the discs but I did not have the right size and they just did not work with the lovely diamond cut chain I had, so I decided to use small sections of the chain soldered to the disc’s instead to make the design work better, then I added a simple hook clasp.

After a soak in some pickle and 1/2 hour in the tumbler it was all lovely and shiny again.

I then set the lampwork head pins in resin before I riveted them in place, I did this because I did not want them wiggling around. So I taped the necklace to a cardboard tube placed a drop of resin into each disc and then pushed the lampwork pins in place and put it aside over night to dry.

When dry I trimmed the wires to about 0.5mm long and holding the piece firmly in between my fingers I used the hammer to rivet the backs of the wires and then once happy with the rivets I smoothed the rivet heads with a nail buffer to make sure there were no sharp edges, and done.

Now I just need to try and keep motivated and use up more of those beautiful beads! Tips for motivating myself would be welcome!


Niky Sayers

Niky Sayers started creating jewellery 6 years ago after stumbling across a jewellery making blog while looking for a hobby. She is a stay at home mum with hermit like tendencies, a mild addiction to coffee and chocolate and a love of all things handmade or antique/rusty. While not raising her tribe she like to keep as busy as possible playing with metal sheet, wire and other treasures and trinkets all at her kitchen table in Surrey, England.
    • Johana Nunez
    • April 12, 2017

    So beautiful!! Really love the finished design!!

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    Beautiful necklace Niky – thanks for showing how you made it!

    • jewelsofsayuri
    • April 12, 2017

    its beautiful. I am just mastering riveting but I am scared to try it with glass or any other breakable surface

  2. Reply

    Such a great idea. I love your creative posts!

  3. Reply

    Oh Niky! It’s gorgeous! I adore it.

  4. Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your design!

  5. Reply

    I LOVE what you created. Stunning.

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