The History of Pearls – V & A Museum Video

January 18, 2016 , In: Art History, Culture, Inspiration
Many years ago I inherited a very traditional triple rope of cultured pearls from my grandmother and later a single rope from my mother but to be honest they never really did much for me. Once I started making jewellery however, I discovered that there is a lot more to pearls and began a bit of a love affair with them, especially the Baroque and subtly coloured varieties which I’ve used in my designs every since.

Last week I discovered this video about the history of pearls on the Victoria and Albert Museum website. I thought it would make a nice change form one of my written posts and at about 8 minutes long it’s perfect for a quick coffee break so get a brew, put your feet up and enjoy!


Pearls from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.



Lesley Watt

Lesley Watt started making jewellery in 2009 with a handful of hobby store beads but quickly discovered art beads and became completely smitten. Taking courses in metal clay, metal smithing, enamelling and etching she began making her own components in 2011 and has never looked back. Always looking to try new things she has branched out into ceramics, bead embroidery, mixed media and textiles.
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    Thanks for sharing this fabulous video, I'll share this great resource with my students

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    I have had a love affair with pearls for many years without knowing the history-excellent video-I want to know more…

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    The video was very interesting. I learned so many things about pearls that I did not know. Thank you for sharing it!

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