Simple DIY Christmas Decorations

November 23, 2012 , In: General

There’s a reason my husband came up with the name “Glass Addictions” for my business. If it’s glass, I will probably be mesmerized by it. It affects my decorating style for the everyday, as well as for the holidays. There is nothing prettier than simple clear ornaments with maybe a touch of sparkle, and white lights. The bonus is it’s super easy to do…bowl, string of lights in the bottom of the bowl, ornaments on top of the lights.

Ornaments and lights by Jen Cameron  

So you can probably understand why I might have a thing for decorating with ice. And by ice, I’m not talking about diamonds. I am talking about actual frozen water. A couple years ago we were having a family get together and I decided the walk from sidewalk to the front door should be something really special and magical…by making luminaries out of ice. It’s very easy, but kind of time consuming. Also, this project is very weather dependent. It needs to be COLD.

-First get some buckets, and some cups to put inside the buckets. The cups create the hole for the candle to go into.

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-With the cups in place, add ice to the buckets around the cups.

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-You need to weigh the cups down with something. I used river rocks I keep on hand for other decorating projects throughout the year.

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-Add water to the bucket (not inside the cup!)

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-At this point add any additional decorations to the ice water. I used glitter and candy canes. A tip about the candy canes….leave them in the plastic wrapper or the red starts to run.

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-Once they are frozen solid, dump them out of the buckets (you may need to run the outside of the bucket under hot water for a few seconds)

-Add tealights

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

-Enjoy the warm glow of candles and how the ice looks when lit from within

DIY Ice Candle luminaries by Jen Cameron

Share photos of your favorite simple to make holiday decorations, we would love to get some new ideas!


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-Jen Cameron
Glass Addictions

Jennifer Cameron

Combining fire and glass since 2005, Jen Cameron discovered jewelry making after realizing a small child could disappear in the growing collection of beads sitting around the house. Jen is the adoring mother of two, jackpot winner in the husband category, and zookeeper of several pets. Jen is also the instigator for bringing together this team of innovative, talented, passionate and dynamic women to write for Art Jewelry Elements.
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    I love those and so simple and easy! Awesome!

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    Well how darn special are those! Now I want to see clear glass beads with little lights inside :0)

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    Oh, wow! Wish it were cold enough were I live to do this. They wouldn't last 10 mintues come the next day! 🙁

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