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August 6, 2013 , In: General

Two years ago, I took a polymer class at ArtBLISS with Christine Damm – it was so much fun and I really enjoyed it a lot. Obviously I didn’t have enough time because I came home and promptly put the supplies away and never took them out again… ****pouty face**** Here’s a couple photos of what I made – the purpose was to make a stacked pendant; the first photo shows the pieces I actually managed to color in class with alcohol inks. The second and third photos show the ones I made in class, but never added any color to at this point.

Recently, I purchased a tutorial to spur me on to get the polymer back out again. While I didn’t get any further along the path in terms of coloring, I did make these components and still have to finish them.

I did get a few spare minutes recently to play with some more clay. I used blue and fuschia clay first, then used the bronze colored polymer clay to make the heart. I actually LOVE the heart so much, I’m not sure if I should add any paint to it or not. I was thinking of adding a gold color, then wiping most of it off so that it would just be in the indented portions of the heart. Of course, I really need to bake these first!

I really like learning new mediums and I am taking another polymer bead class with Christine Damm in September at ArtBLISS making actual round beads. I’m excited, I really like Christine’s work.

So, what new mediums have you been playing with lately? Do you love it or not? Would it make you leave your current medium or have you found you enjoy sticking with one?

Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy Susan, the owner of SueBeads, started making glass beads in 2005 because she loved lampworked beads so much, but wanted to make her own instead of buying them on ebay! She also makes enameled components and dabbles in polymer clay, but her first love is glass. She has attended jewelry-making classes at ArtBLISS and has taken classes from Barbara Lewis (torch fired enameling) in addition to several classes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.
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    I also took a class with Christine Damm last September at ArtBLISS (and if my baby wasn't due the beginning of October, I'd be taking another class this year)! I had been wanting to explore polymer clay for some time and her class was the perfect inspiration and starting point. I did manage to create pieces last December for Lorelei's bead exchange: and then again two weeks ago. I really enjoy the versatility of polymer clay and the endless possibilities! Hopefully I will be able to create more with it again soon!

    I look forward to seeing what you create! So sorry I will miss seeing you at Bead Fest and ArtBLISS this year (although I may stop by Friday evening or Saturday afternoon if I am feeling mobile)!

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    I'm having lots of fun with it too!! Love what you created!

  3. Christine Damm is one of my idols, I'd love to take a class with her. Enjoy! Polymer is such a satisfying medium and so very versatile, too. Don't you love it when the muse starts working in you again and you see a medium in a whole new way? To answer your question, I do work mainly in polymer but because it's sort of a chameleon, I end up bringing polymer to other things I try.

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    Christine is one of my favorite polymer artists along with Ronna Weltman. Every time I see their work, I'm tempted to explore this medium. Christine's classes at her farm are so tempting. Someday…
    Your pieces are wonderful, my style. Have fun at Art Bliss.

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    I worked with polymer clay a month ago. I am doing some reading about it again hoping to get some more tips and figure out what I want to do with it next. I would be thrilled with what you have done!

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    I've been fooling around with polymer this spring but have not finished my pieces. I'm experimenting with toggle clasps and like what I have done. Just need the time to finish them.

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    These are just awesome Sue! Although I will not be taking a class with Christine (too many awesome classes that run simultaneously-ugh!)I am so glad I will finally get to meet you at artBLISS!

    I have been stalking all the seed beaders out there – their work is amazing. I finally broke down and bought all the materials needed to bead a cabochon – thanks to Sally Rusick's Cabochon Challenge and tuts on her blog. I only have one row done, but I would never have thought I would get this far! 🙂

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    I've been wanting to play with polymer clay for a while now, what I need is a second, dedicated oven for baking. I only have a tiny toaster oven for my food, and I don't want … whatever in it that possibly gasses out fo the polyclay to mess with my food. That, and I need an oven thermometer too.

    In the meanwhile … *eyes her epoxy clay* Fantastic no-bake alternative, but sticky as hell and thus a little harder to work with. But, you might want to try too? 🙂

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    I am so excited to be meeting Miss Christine at ArtBliss this year! I planned to come specifically to take a class with her and will be with her all day on Sunday, too. Let's be sure to sit together! 😉 I love what you are doing and where you are going with this. I have no training whatsoever in Polymer Clay, but that is what makes it so great. Anyone can do this! I love the heart, but think some antiquing in dark brown that you wipe off would deepen the texture, and then hit the highlights with a gilder's paste or rub 'n' buff or something to make it really stand out. Can't wait to see it finished! Enjoy the day. Erin

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    I love what you created!!! I make glass beads and have had ideas that I thought would translate better if I were to use polymer. I just might have to give it a try. Thanks the inspiration.

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    Love these, Sue! I am taking one of Christine's classes this year as well, though I think it is not the one you are taking! I have been wanting to play with polymer for a while.

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    I am a technique "magpie" – I collect whatever looks appealing! It doesn't help that I teach and work at a studio where I am constantly exposed to new things – last month it was encaustics (which I managed to resist, but only just barely) and this month it is mixed media monoprints. That one I signed up for!

    Love your components – can't wait to see what you do with them!

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    I love love love love them!!!

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