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Owls are everywhere. Our fascination with them goes back millennia into the roots of cultures all over the world. I will not go into the stories and myths that surround them – they are too numerous to retell here – instead I will share images of actual owls and a small sampling of beads inspired by them.

First the owls… omg I could have posted way more of these, but here’s a few of my favs, starting with Owls-in-trees (I love these!):

















And now for the beads, including a few oldies but goodies. It is simply amazing how many different takes there are – each artist with their own unique interpretation – of the same amazing creature.

Sleepy Owl by Rebekah Payne
Owl Pendant by Lesley Watt
Terra Cotta Owl by Slate Studio
Owl Pendant by JeraLunaDesigns
Owls by Kylie Parry
Owl Pendants by Erin Prais-Hintz
Owl Pendant by me
Owl in Tree by me
Owls by Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio

I hope you enjoyed this little visual tour of OWLs. I for one, an enjoying seeing all the fabulous designs out there. I can’t get enough of them!



Karen Totten

Karen has worked professionally as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines: architectural design, illustration, art direction, mixed media art, interaction design. She currently works full time as a User Experience (UX) Design Principal for an international consultancy. When not flying to work every week, her other passions are ceramic art, sketching, and occasionally, jewelry design. “For me, the creative life, from UX to fine art, has always been one of exploration and adventure. As the daughter of an air force navigator, I grew up a traveler. To this day I am intrigued by stories and motifs that transcend time, culture, and geography.“
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    They are gorgeous loved all pics and our unique view of them, used to see barn owls nesting near us hunting in the fields around our house, beautiful birds

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      Thank you Jane – I have never seen a barn owl, only in the wild. I would love to see a barn owl – they are so interesting looking.

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    Thanks for the tour! They are beautiful in real life and in bead form.

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    Absolutely love owls and owl beads too! Your tree owl is stunning.

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    I love owls too, have one in my shop. We put up an owl box hoping to get a family nesting on our property. Love all the owls you shared!

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      Oh I missed the one in your shop! I have to go see it now!

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    I'm loving owls lately! I have a necklace in my own shop featuring one and am working on a second owl-themed piece, as well. Thanks so much for sharing both the real life and bead versions!

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    Karen, thank you for the beautiful owl photos — amazing camouflage! — and the creative bead interpretations. I feel so fortunate to have one of your "owl in tree" bead sets.

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      I'm so glad you enjoy your bead set. I love owls too – can't get enough (or make enough) of them!

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    So cute =)

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    Great collection of owls.

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    Wonderful photos, and darling renditions in beads! I think your owl is actually my favorite, Karen. I also do like Melanie's too.

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    I've only seen owls in the wild one time and I will never forget it. But no wonder I never spot them – they so beautifully camouflage themselves! Love owls!

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      Oh I know – they are so amazing! I've seen a few in the wild, including a Snowy Owl!

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    We luv us some owlies!!!! 😉

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    Oh! I somehow missed this post! Thank you for including my Motley Owls in your group. I love owls and the totem they represent. Those pics of the owls in the trees are the best! I should work on some new owls for 2014 Fall! Enjoy the day. Erin

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