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December 27, 2016 , In: Ceramic Clay, Clay, Glass, Jewelry

I hope you all had wonderful holidays! This christmas was especially great with my family. Not that something special happened, rather it was just everyone coming together. On christmas eve we celebrated with my family, I also went home at the first day of christmas (my husband picked up his grandma and son, that meant travelling the whole day) and at the second day of christmas we went to his family.

The people I love all together, the scent of the christmas trees and candles (yes, for my parents there have to be real candles on the tree), the dinner taking long into the night with all the talking and (yes, also my family) discussion ranging from weird cute things over to music up to politics (we are a very outspoken and idealistic family).

You may remember that I wrote in a former blog post, that we married this year in october. One part of our christmas presents were wedding pictures. I carefully chose which one for whom (just as a side note: Since we have been together, gift giving is my duty for all of our families and friends… thankfully I enjoy this!). Looking at the pictures I remembered that I promised to show my wedding jewelry. 

I thought this would be the perfect topic for a blog post shortly after christmas. Emotional for me, hopefully inspirational for you 🙂

Our wedding was not too formal and also no white dress for me. As beautiful as wedding dresses can be, it would not have been me or rather us. We went for grey and red because this looked good on both of us (the judgement was always on the other one). It was also fitting for the time of the year, an autumn wedding (we had this also shown in the flowers we chose). 

In germany you can chose between civil register office (I hope I chose the right english term) and church or just the civil register office. Since we are both not religious we “just” had a civil register office but with a really special place for the ceremony: The summer hall at the “Bach Archive” (a museum for Johann Sebastian Bach who worked as cantor for the St. Thomas choir in Leipzig). It is a beautiful baroque hall and we also had some baroque live music for the cermony. We are after all living in Leipzig!

Originally I wanted to create our wedding rings. That was until his grandmother asked him whether we wanted her wedding rings (his grandfather died a long time ago). He was unsure when he asked me because he knew how much that meant to me. But for him this was even more special and the idea to wear his grandparents wedding rings, especially since he loves his grandmother so much, so we rened and fitted her wedding rings. 

So now I had my whole energy left to create my own wedding jewelry. This was always my plan, to wear something special, something unique that would be “me”. So here we go… I used a lot of art beads, you can also find czech glass beads and drops, tiny garnet nuggets, petrified wood, recycled african glass beads, and bronze beads. I used bronze chain, copper wire and oxidized brass fish bone chain as well as waxed linen to bring everything together. 

I am curious how many of the artisans creating the art beads you may recognize! Only the ceramic bead was made by me. You can find a lot of Kimberly Rogers (numinosity beads) in the necklace, the earring pair was made by Julie Wong Sontag (ugliebeads), I used a lot of different smaller red beads, also from Julie, but as well from Sue Reynolds, Michelle Bryant, Shirley Giles, and also some more that I sadly don’t remember.

I hope your christmas was also special and I wish you a happy new year! 



Claire Fabian

Claire Fabian loves to experiment with materials and ideas. She needs to create to “keep her sane” and the process of creation itself is the most important in her work. She is drawn to weird things, to organic and natural textures and loves a tribal and ancient vibe. She makes beads as well as jewellery, but also loves mixed media pieces and little sculptures. Amongst her favourite materials is polymer clay, ceramic clay, all kind of metals, glass beads as well as everything found in nature. She is also working in research which may explain her desire to experiment.
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    • December 27, 2016

    So beautiful,

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    Oh Claire! I have been so out of touch I completely missed that you were married! Huge huge congratulations! All happiness to you both! And I LOVE your wedding jewelry! Those earrings……..!!!! ……..yum!!! You know I love the bead/chain style you do! And how very special indeed to have your necklace hold treasures from so many artisan friends. Thanks so much for sharing xxx

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    So very awesome. I love that you have the Grandparents rings. You can make anniversary rings in a year or so…. 🙂

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    It must have been a beautiful ceremony. I love your wedding jewelry and the fact that you have your hubby’s grandparents’ rings. Something old and something new.

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    This is so special, Claire! I love the contrast between traditional (family rings) and the new jewelry – so representative of how unique you are as individuals – as a couple – and as people who cherish your loved ones. Life is art and I love the way you create special and meaningful details at every turn. Thoughtful details make for the best memories, stories, and traditions. Sounds like you had a really wonderful family Christmas too!! Wishing you both an amazing year in 2017! 🙂 xoxo — Julie

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    Oh my gosh! I missed this when it was published. HOW?!? While I do love your jewelry, I love that it is personalized, and handcrafted even more. And it’s very sweet that you are wearing the wedding rings from his grandparents. That’s very special. My only wish is to see a full photo of the two of you 😉

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    Congratulations! I just love the baubly feel of the colors you chose and having all the different shapes and textures is so lovely. What a gorgeous day it must have been. Happy marriage, happy new year!

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