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May 8, 2014 , In: Beadwork, General, Glass, Jewelry
I do not know if all of you know the reason I started beading.  Well I started beading because I love bling.  Sounds simple enough right.  Sort of.  I have a bit of an obsession with shirts.  I like to have all kinds and all colors.

I love jewelry, I always have but I like good jewelry not the kind that turns your arm or neck green.  And lets be honest here I have a Russian Tea Room appetite but more like a Applebees budget.  So I started seeing all the beaded creations.  I fell in love with the concept that I could create my own bling to match every outfit.  Well at least every shirt as I wear mostly jeans with everything.  I mentioned this to a blogger I was following and she said she would love to hear all about my journey and that is how my personal blog was started.  This leads us to my jewelry box.

I have tried and tried to get a better picture for you but to no avail as for some reason the light going to it is just all wrong and my hands shake trying to get a good shot.  I was going to show you pieces by artist but then it occurred to me that pairings would be so much more fun.

Some of my pairings are very matchy matchy.

Some are not.

And some of my favorite shirts have several pieces that go with them because I do have moods when I pick some outfits.  Don’t we all?

I actually do have about the same amount of pairings that I haven’t shown you because well dirty laundry ya know.  

Funny I know many designers that do not wear what they create.  Do you where what you make?


Kristen Stevens

Kristen Stevens has always been a crafter of sorts.  Cross stitch, quilting, quilling, knitting, and since 2009 totally addicted to seed beads.  Then the discovery of art beads added to the addiction.  She has been complimented on her unique approach to blend colors, shapes and inspiration from the art beads and nature. She has also been writing her own tutorials. 
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    yes I do. I've never had success selling my jewellery so i only make it for me or as a present for family and friends. I've got a lot of pieces I made, each to match an outfit!

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      I am not successful in the selling part yet either but with weaving it is harder to break into that so I am proud to wear what I make and I am glad you are too.

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    In my teen I enjoyed buying (cheap) jewellery and I'd wear it, but especially since beginning to bead and make my own jewellery I've discovered I'm very much interested in creating jewellery and seeing creations made by others than I am in actually owning and wearing jewellery. I've found what it was I actually loved about jewellery and it wasn't shopping for it. My jewellery box today is esssentially on Pinterest and I love drooling over gorgeous jewellery and admire talented jewellery makers. But owning and wearing? That's become less and less part of my jewellery obsession. I mean, I do wear jewellery, both my own and stuff made by others, but it's not a big thing. Nothing I spend time on choosing and usually I'm sticking to simple pieces. (I've got one necklace I use to "cover up" when a neckline's too generous, making the jewellery choice more pragmatic than decorative.)

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      When I started I knew that I wanted something unique for every outfit. Some are still simple but it just makes me feel good.

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    When I am home I seldom wear jewelry but any time I leave i wear jewelry. It is something that I made 99% of the time. I am proud of my creations and I like wearing them.

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      You and me both Becky! I need a bit of bling and the pride that goes into them makes me smile.

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    Funny, that is how I got into making jewelry too! I was into clothes for a while and felt I needed jewelry to go with them but I loathed all the jewelry I saw in stores, so I started making my own. (Good thing I didn't discover Etsy before I started making jewelry, or I would probably never have started!) Oddly enough, once I started making a lot of jewelry I stopped wearing it, and lost interest in clothes (I go around naked now). I never wear jewelry anymore, mine or anyone else's, just a promise ring. The piercings in my ears have even healed up so no more earrings for now even if I wanted to!

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      Naked!!!! LOLOL That would not be pretty for me! I am still obsessed with shirts so I still make pairings. LOL

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    I very rarely wear what I make, I mostly sell them and I have lots of jewelry that I have received as gifts that I wear as I dont have the heart to thrown them. Your pairings look lovely, I am just a wee bit jealous 😉

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      I am jealous that you can sell your pieces. I will say that each pairing that I were reminds me of the friendships of the artists in them.

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    Love your pairings. AND your jewelry!! (as always!!) I do wear things I've made, but they are either very simple hammered silver hoops or drop earrings, my thumb ring, a stack of 3 hammered fine-silver rings and a pmc pendant that looks like an little ancient Roman Coin that hangs on a very dainty silver chain. I had a lady at a gem show say to me one year, "You really should wear the jewelry you create and not that 'store bought' simple, looking stuff." I informed her it was jewelry I had made and she relied, "Oh. It just looks kinda plain and simple. Like any silver pieces I could get at a jewelry store". I said, "Thanks!" and walked away. I'm sure she didn't mean it as a compliment but as I walked away I little voice in my head mumbled,…"I pretty sure Vera Wang doesn't prance around in her wedding gowns every time she goes out but she still probably wears pieces she designed or that of other designers she likes!" Now that's my go-to line when people tell me I really should wear more of my own jewelry. LOL! 🙂

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      You crack me up but you are so right!!!!

  7. I wrote a whole long response yesterday, and it never posted. ;(
    My comments were about wearing black. My closet is half black clothes. They always match. Throwback from art school? Hides studio stains? But I wear my own jewelry all the time – black is my blank canvas,,,

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    Interesting post. I do wear my pieces, but I tend to keep wearing the older things and putting new creations up for sale. Sometimes I laugh at myself because I feel like the cobbler whose children had no shoes. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/the_shoemaker's_children_go_barefoot

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    I don't often wear jewelry but I sure do love to look at it. And your creations here are just gorgeous!

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