Making a Felted Stocking Ornament

December 12, 2016 , In: Fiber, Inspiration, Tutorials

Each year I try and make ornaments for my family members. I’ve done ceramic, hand-sewn and beaded ornaments before. This year, I’m working on needle-felted stocking ornaments and thought I would give everyone a peek into how they are made. 


The basic supplies used are an assortment of wool roving, a cookie cutter, felting needles and a foam base.  


To begin, I pull several small sections of the roving off and stuff them into the cookie cutter. I prefer not to overstuff, as I will eventually add another layer.


I start with a single 38 gauge needle to tack everything in place and then work my way into a 3-needle tool, working the entire piece while being careful to avoid breaking a needle on the edge.  

The fibers will initially start attaching to the foam pad, so it’s important to occasionally peel the piece off and place it back into the cutter. 


Once the piece is well felted, I remove it from the cutter and work on cleaning up the edges.  I use an old gift card to lightly compress the sides while felting with a single needle.  


After the sides are done, I flip the piece over and at a slight angle, work the needle to clean up the very fuzzy backside of the stocking. 


I then lay a thin piece of roving across the top and like the back, I tack it in place with the needle at a slight angle.  I usually add a second layer to get full coverage of the top, back and sides.  I use the gift card again to clean up and reshape the top and edges.


Using a pair of scissors, I trim the sides, front and back of the stocking.  I may also go back in and do a little additional felting if I missed a spot. 


I thread a heavy needle and attach some cotton cord.  If you prefer a brooch, you can felt a pinback on. 

You can use a variety of cookie cutters to make different shapes.  I’ve made mittens, stockings and candy canes so far.  

Have fun felting!


Diana Ptaszynski

Powered by the magic of all things containing sugar, Diana spends her day making beads out of porcelain and stoneware.  She also enjoys needle-felting, bead embroidery and metalsmithing. A Jersey girl at heart, Diana now resides in Rochester, NY with her husband and three cat children.  You can find Diana in her studio at Made On State, spreading the bead love at Let's Bead in East Rochester or all dressed up at a cosplay event! 
    • Kathy Lindemer
    • December 12, 2016

    Thanks for the tutorial! They are all very cute. I am sure they will be cherished gifts.

  1. Reply

    So cute. Your family will love these!

  2. Reply

    I’ve never tried needle felting, just water and soap, but this gives you the opportunity to make a variety of shapes. It’s on my list, though 🙂

  3. Reply

    Diana, thank you, thank you, thank you! I just started needle felting late this fall and as I am self taught -actually just messing about with the process, this was so helpful. Love the idea of using a cookie cutter for the initial shape. and using the credit card to compact the shape when doing the sides is brilliant. are the pink finger thingy’s to protect you from being stabbed? or to get a more secure grip on things. ? love the finished product btw.

    • Reply

      The pink finger things are to help keep me from stabbing myself…which I have done many times. LOL!

    • Sarajo Wentling
    • December 18, 2016

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing your process with us… I’ve been enjoying your adventures in felting so much! Can you get the finger protectors from Amazon? If so any clue what they are really called? Also, any tips on finding the holder thing for your single needle? I have one needle from a class on the Bead Cruise but just use it “naked” if you will. 🙂

    • Reply

      I’ll send you a message with the sources for these products!

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