Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts!

February 8, 2014 , In: General, Inspiration

‘Tis the season!  It is February,and there are hearts everywhere!  Valentine’s Day cards, heart-shaped doughnuts, cookies and candy…Love is in the air!  Why, just 2 weeks ago, even I got in the spirit, and debuted my COM for February, fluttery hearts!

Now I am working on more, in polymer clay.  Here are my first experiments!  I found a cool tutorial on Pinterest to help me in shaping.  In fact there are loads of polymer clay tutorials on Pinterest that I am dying to try out…1 day at a time šŸ˜‰

Not bad for a first attempt, although I got a bit heavy handed on the gilder’s paste!  These just need to be sealed and then they will be headed to my etsy shop!

I know from polling my AJE team mates when I was starting my fluttery heart creation that not everyone likes pink and red hearts, hence my use of blue, gray, white, purple and more…  But I still love the tradtional colors as well!  Here are some of my favorites by my friends here at AJE!

I borrowed this from Jen Cameron’s FB page as I fell in love with them…get them listed, Jen!

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What about you? Do you “heart” hearts?

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Melissa Meman

Melissa Meman is a mixed-media jewelry artist and owner of Melismatic Art Jewelry. She loves all things metal... fabrication, fold-forming, enameling, but has recently been drawn into metal clay and polymer clay! Her Melismatic Morsel line features pendants, charms, and more in all her favorite mediums. Melissa lives in Frederick, MD with her husband and son and dreams of retiring from her day job, and resorting to singing and hammering/finishing metal for a livelihood!
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    I do find myself doing hearts a lot, mostly because they are easy to cut out (particularly for someone like me who can't draw!) and they are already such a strong symbol, that just adorning them with a pattern or even just a color is enough to create an interesting focal or charm.

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    I like hearts because they can be used year round. You've got some great examples up there!

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