First Show! Aka “Got Beads?”

April 14, 2017 , In: Ceramic Clay, Events, Polymer Clay, Promotions

Spring has sprung – and the festival season has begun. I cant think of a better way to start a year of shows than with the Innovative Bead Show – in Oaks PA. 

This weekend of the year was formerly Bead Fest Spring. When BF changed scheduling Innovative Beads Expo picked up this weekend; and I quickly signed on! 

Smile – you’re on candid camera.

scenes from the booth

This was my first show with Innovative – and I was thrilled. Great interaction, clear communication. Respect and appreciation. Camaraderie. While it is a business venture, the folks at Innovative are all about building and  nurturing community. We had door prizes, demos, and make-and-takes – all great incentive for buyers, and fun! 

Marsha’s table. Friends make the best neighbors.

Good neighbors make a show feel like home – and help out when you are alone… spotting your table, lending a hand. I was thrilled to be next to Marsha Neal studio and back to back with Heather of HMB Studio

Harry sketches the customers on the QT. Heathers beads are yummy – and she had a UFO for me to work on when things were slow!

Philadelphia Comic-Con was also at he Expo center last weekend.  And then this happened: 

Bead show organizer meets Scarecrow Reaper?

I did not take a lot of pictures – working and all that – but these Russian lacquer pieces are a favorite. Its a very unique style – and not for everyone, I know. But Waterhouse’s “Lady of Shallot! Mucha! Rossetti! You had me at Pre-Raphaelites! ( I resisted for now. But come August? Who knows…)

Russian lacquer courtesy of Global Curiosity Inc.

I got these pieces done at the last minute – and debuted them – quietly amidst all my other beads! These feature vintage UK stamps of young Queen Elizabeth, and vintage maps of the UK on the reverse. I am donating 100% of the sales off these pieces to my “trip” fund. An artists residency? A meet and greet trip to the UK members of the team? YES! (If you are interested in helping me cross the pond – these are listed on my Etsy site as well as on my FB business page! )

Debut of my fund raising pendants! Vintage UK stamps and maps – with proceeds going to fund my Art Elements trip to see Lesley & Caroline. (Hopefully Niky and Laney too! )

And now: loot! 

Seeds from Twisted Sistah. Cabs and silk from Marsha.Wee tiny lamp work from PJ Beads. A bonus from Staci!

Details of shaped beads from Leslie. Mandala coming up! Gems from Intrinsic. Glass from Heather. And a Judith Leiber blank from Metalliferous!

So – the show year has started off well! Next up – a trip to see team-mate Diana in her new digs in Rochester – and teach at her local bead store! I’m really excited! Stop in and mention the blog if you are in the area… 




Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jenny Davies-Reazor is a mixed media artist inspired by myth, folklore and the natural world. A proud Jack-of-all-trades, she concentrated in metals and painting in art school, turned to clay during her teaching career, and is truly happiest when mixing materials in unusual ways. From clay to resin, paper to polymer... Since leaving her ceramics classroom, Jenny is always in the studio: fabricating jewelry, creating ceramic shrines and decorative tiles, and teaching in a variety of mediums. " I love sharing my passion for art, and seeing sparks light up in student's eyes..."
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    Wow looks like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could be there to oogle all the beads!

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    Looks like it was a lot of fun! I am really hoping that the Beadfest in Tacoma gets big so more vendors are there.

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