Felting with Yarn

March 22, 2017 , In: Beadwork, Fiber, Inspiration, Mixed Media, Tutorials

Last week, I took a day off and went off on an adventure to the NEC in Birmingham to meet up with fellow AE member Lesley to see the Sewing for Pleasure & Fashion Embroidery Show.

As you’ve probably noticed, embroidery is all the rage at the moment, I’m loving looking at the designs popping up regularly in my Facebook feed, I’ve managed to resist getting involved so far… I don’t think my shed would hold many more supplies, and I’m trying my best to be more focused on my ceramics, but it was a good excuse for a day out and I didn’t come home empty handed.


 I didn’t take many photo’s while I was there, I was too distracted with all of the pretty things to look at, but Lesley took this great one of the HardHome Embroidery collaboration, created by 160 embroiderers and taking 30,000 hours. It was epic!

You can find out more about it here… Link

I mostly bought supplies for felting, including this gorgeous hand dyed and spun wool, so for today’s post I thought I’d share a small project I tried out with it.


I chose green felt and variegated green pure wool yarn for my project. Once you’ve decided on your subject, (I chose an oak leaf), the yarn is used to outline the shape. If you’d like to try this, you’ll also need a single felting needle, a pad to work on, a few other scraps of felt roving and beads if you’d like to embellish it. 

I’m free handing it, but you might want to draw your design out on the felt to follow around with the wool. To start, poke your wool in at the bottom of the design, then roughly lay out the wool, giving it a poke every so often just to tack it in to place. 


Once you’re happy with the lines, give it a good stab all the way around to secure it to the backing.


I filled the gaps inside the outline with some dark green wool roving.


And stitched beads around the edges for a bit more colour.


After looking at it, I decided the leaf needed to stand out a bit more from the background as the colours were too similar, so I added black roving which I twisted in to yarn to make it even around the edges.


And here’s the finished design.


The size of it made it really quick and easy, so I tried out a different design with a night time hare.


The colour changes in the wool worked out really well in this one to give it shape around the neck and a little tufty tail. You can see how I created the outline, then kept going to fill the inner with the same wool. Some black roving was added for the outline and the hill, and I used silver sequins and ‘O’ beads for the stars. As they’re quite small, I think they’d make great cards!

We all love felting here at Art Elements, here are some more designs using yarns.

The tree trunks on this wonderfully colourful design by Lesley were created with yarn.

And another stunner by Lesley, again using yarn for the trunk and branches.

And you don’t just have to use wool… Cooky created this beautiful eyeglass case which was felted, then needle felted with ribbon before embellishing with beads.

You don’t even need to use felt as the base as Cathy shows here in this gorgeous piece with yarn needle felted in to silk fabric.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the results are fabulous, and I hope we’ve inspired you to dig out those yarns and try it out!


Caroline Dewison

Caroline Dewison is a lifelong addict of anything creative. She settled on ceramic beadmaking 3 years ago and can be found most days at the bottom of her garden playing with mud in her studio. She draws her inspiration from the natural world and wishes there were more hours in the day to explore all the ideas in her sketchbook. You can see more of her work on her blog -
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    Oh, the night time hare is so sweet! I love how he is star gazing 🙂

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    Wow! Beautiful work. Loved reading about the technique!

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