February 2014 Component of the Month…Fluttering Hearts!

January 25, 2014 , In: Design Challenge, Glass, Mixed Media

Hi dear readers!  I jumped in and signed up to host the February Component of the Month challenge, here at AJE!  I decided to go with hearts!  Yes, I know hearts are a bit cliche for February, but I promise, my hearts are anything but cliche!

Here are a few I created for this challenge!  All hand-fabricated copper, with enamel and glass frit….

All  hearts are just over an inch in diameter and are organically formed of copper, enameled and embellished with glass frit.  Connector holes are varied…3 for a y-shaped connector, 2 vertical holes, 2 horizontal holes, 1 hole for straight top hanging, and 1 hole for a skewed hanging.

Would you like a chance to create a design with one of my hearts?  I will be giving away 3 hearts to random designers.  Please leave a comment below if you would like a chance…I will choose a heart for you, similar to the pictured ones above. You must have a blog, commit to creating a jewelry design with the offered component, and blog about your design during the designated blog hop date which will be on the last day of the month, or thereabouts (subject to change via the AJE blog).  I will choose the winners and announce them on Wed, 1/29/14!! Good luck!

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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Melissa Meman

Melissa Meman is a mixed-media jewelry artist and owner of Melismatic Art Jewelry. She loves all things metal... fabrication, fold-forming, enameling, but has recently been drawn into metal clay and polymer clay! Her Melismatic Morsel line features pendants, charms, and more in all her favorite mediums. Melissa lives in Frederick, MD with her husband and son and dreams of retiring from her day job, and resorting to singing and hammering/finishing metal for a livelihood!
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    Those are super fun, Melissa! I especially like the way you put 3 holes in some of them… gives you some options for how to incorporate them into the design. I'd love to play with one of your hearts. Thanks for the chance!

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    I would love a chance to design with one of your components. They're all awesome! — Stephanie (berlinweiss@gmail.com)

  3. I would love to win one of those lovely, and unique hearts – they are so different! A good thing when it comes to such a familiar shape. Such gorgeous colours =) My blog (which is very new!) is here: http://bluemerlincreations.blogspot.ca/

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    I love those hearts and would really like to have the possibility to create with one of them …

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    What wonderful hearts. They would be fun to work with.

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    I love enameled pieces and these hearts are so different. I would like the opportunity to work with one.

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    Love the hearts! It'll be fun to make a necklace with one of them. Thank you!

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    Love your hearts,, Melissa. Would love the opportunity to design with one.


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    I have a blog and commit to make a piece with your great heart. I would love to work with it.

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    Ooooohhhh how lovely! I'd love the opportunity to create with one!

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    These are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to have a chance to take part in your challenge x

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    these are so great! are you also going to have some for sale?!?

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    I love these hearts and have ideas already on how to create something.

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    What super cool hearts! I would love to be entered in the drawing. I do have a blog and would love to make something with one of these hearts.

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    Spectacular Melissa! I love the fluttery edges, they make me think of petunias! The glass frit is a stroke of genius, and I love the slightly domed shape.

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    they are absolutely beautiful! Anything made with them would be a treasure. They would definitely have a spot on my blog.

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    These caught my eye right away. would love to be entered into the drawing.

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    I love your enameled hearts! I fell in love with enameling myself about a year ago after purchasing my first torch. I have worked with earthenware clay for over 30 years, but I love the instant gratification that the torch provides. I would love to give a whirl to designing around one of your lovely hearts. http://www.creativeclaycafe.com …deb

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    I could really do with a New Year creative boost! Been out of the blogging game far too long, and these look just the ticket!

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    These are gorgeous and I agree that having the three holes makes them very versatile – my mind is racing with ideas already!
    I'm also new to the blogging world but am loving finding new bead and component artisans. I hope I can be part of this awesome challenge 🙂

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    Melissa I have been reading your blog and learning from it for some time now. I would be honored to work with one of your beautiful hearts.

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    Gorgeous! I would love to play with one of your beautiful hearts! (melissa_trudinger@yahoo.com)

    • Rin
    • January 28, 2014

    Oh goodness, these are beautiful! I love the fun colors and shape. It's a fresh play on an old shape 🙂 I hope I can work with one of these!

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