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July 10, 2014 , In: General, Inspiration, Studio

I’ve not much to talk about jewellery wise this week, but that’s not to say I’ve not been busy! After many years of not so quietly complaining about my lack of space, I’ve spent the last fortnight building a new studio in the garden. 

We’re really lucky to have lots of space out the back and up until now we had a chicken shed and my husband’s shed in a space near the fence line. As they were both getting really old and close to falling down we rehoused the chickens in to a great new coop round the side and cleared up ready for my new studio.

First up was paving slabs, all 90 of them. I was a little ambitious thinking I could have this done in a day, but 4 days later, they were all down and ready for building. The studio I decided on is a log cabin, or posh shed. It was delivered in a million pieces all cut and ready for assembly.

Once we’d found the starting pieces (at the bottom of the pile!) They were laid out and squared up. The rest of the pieces then slotted in on top of each other until we reached just above window height.


The windows were added in as one unit and we kept on going up to the roof. 

The roof beams slotted in to tie everything together. It was hard work, but made easier by there not being any screws or fixings to the main building. The wood is cut so that each piece slots in to the next (with a bit of persuasion from a mallet!) 

The roof took a while. Each slat had to be screwed in to the main beams, but once that was finished we added felt and shingles and it was on to the inside. 

The flooring was pre cut, so each plank just had to be screwed down on to the bearers. There were a few finishing touches like beading around the edges, and the building was complete. 

 Monster Assistant

I sat for a couple of days planning out how I would like the inside and I’m still not completely decided. I’m sure it will change and evolve as I start working in there, but for now, I have a table, some worktops, my precious books, my Grandad’s workbench (hopefully moving in tomorrow) and my Grandma’s chair.

A spot to sit and read

And I have room to display the wonderful artwork I’ve collected from friends.

And finally, I have room to get out my pottery wheel! I’ve had it for a couple of years, but there was no space to use it, so it turned into a storage table in the garage. I can’t wait to get on it and have a play!

It really is a dream come true to have such an amazing space to work in, but the best part for me is to have room to create with my kids!

Biggest Cheesy Grins ever!!!

To give you an idea of how excited I am… here’s a look at my workspace for the last couple of years… you might be able to see the 4 square foot of space I had just to the left!

I think it will be a couple more weeks until it’s ready to get in there properly, there is no electric or water yet, but while I have daylight, I can go in for a play!


Caroline Dewison

Caroline Dewison is a lifelong addict of anything creative. She settled on ceramic beadmaking 3 years ago and can be found most days at the bottom of her garden playing with mud in her studio. She draws her inspiration from the natural world and wishes there were more hours in the day to explore all the ideas in her sketchbook. You can see more of her work on her blog -
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    What a marvelous new space!

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    I'm very impressed Caroline , you have done brilliant job, and much faster than my builders. I hope you have lots of fun in there

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    Looks wonderful Caroline…be prepared to lose a few hours while you just sit and look a rund you with a big smile on your face :0)

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    Looks fantastic- lucky you 🙂

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    Looks fantastic- you'll be able to make even more of your lovely beads!

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    This looks fabulous! Enjoy you new HQ! 😀 x

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    Looks like a wonderful space for you! Enjoy!

  8. This looks fantastic! Am very jealous(!) as it must be wonderful so have a dedicated working space, just created perfectly for you – you're so right to take the time to make sure it's fitted out just as you need it. Do hope you enjoy it 🙂

  9. WOW that's impressive for a few days work! Enjoy it!!!

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    Big congratulations to you!! How awesome!! And I love the easy assembly, fabulous! Looking at your cozy little studio, I realize this is my number one dream. (It was on the list, but it just got bumped to number one.) A posh shed, as you say, that is my own creative space. One day….

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    Not jealous at all!! Looks fab, I see superman was terribly shy as normal 😛

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    Way cool! Love it! Can't wait to see more pics!

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    How awesome! I dream of a seperate studio/shedio space. Someday. Enjoy your lovely space. I can't wait to see it develop as you get organized and begin to use it.

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    How wonderful! There's nothing so nice as your own dedicated playing space….tho l have to share mine with my other half!
    Love Tan's glass/driftwood 🙂

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    What a great studio! I love how it is separate from your home and yet so close.

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    That's wonderful!

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    So happy for you. You deserve it after having to work in such a tiny, cooped up space for so long.

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    I'm just sitting here grinning from ear to ear for you. How wonderful! Congrats!

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    I am so happy for you Caroline. It is lovely. In awe of how it is made and put together so quickly. I am sure you will enjoy it.!!

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    Your new studio is absolutely gorgeous, what an inspiring work space! Thank you for the tour!

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    Lovely space… I am sure you will overflow with inspiration and create some great pieces here… your children are adorable… !

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    This looks lovely. I am so happy for you!

  23. It looks fab – you deserve it after all that hard work!

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    Congratulations on making your dream come true. You space looks wonderful. Thanx for sharing.

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