Derwent Inktense Pencils

March 31, 2017 , In: 2D Art, Mixed Media

They are what they say on the tin, pencils and intense in colour but unlike normal watercolour pencils these are soluble ink and once they dry they are permanent.  You can layer over the top of them with other colours and not disturb, or reactivate, the colour underneath.  These pencils are great for various surfaces too, wood – not so easy as the wood does need sealing with gesso but can be done, silk – I haven’t tried fabrics but there are plenty of tutorials on line for this and of course paper.  I LOVE paper!   

With all my coloured pencil art I like to use smooth hot pressed paper, although the colour swatches above have been done on cold pressed watercolour paper so you have the texture coming through the swatches.  In fact all the drawings, as they are quick samples in this post have been done on cold pressed papers.

The first thing you notice with the pencils is their translucency, you can adjust this slightly by adding less water but I like to layer my colour and with these pencils you can layer and layer and layer…  just make sure the layer underneath is dry before you start layering the next colour.  With the illustration above I first drew the outlines in water-fast ink then layered the colour over the top.  There are approx 4-5 layers of colours on the face of this dog.  

 With the set of 72 pencils you get an outliner pencil which is supposed to be water-fast but I did find it was a little soluble when I did my colour swatch in the first image but the little blue bird above did keep many of the sketchy lines. I used contrasting colours to create layers as I was working out how the bright colours lay over the darker colours.  As you can see because the Inktense pencils are so vivid this works well.  I also did this with a few of the colours at random in the colour swatches, it is worth playing around to see how the pencils react with each other.  The one thing I did find is A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!  Just a dab with the tip of the pencil will give you lots of coverage.  I used only two colours, Sienna Gold and Peacock Blue in the little bird and by using varying amounts of colour and several layers you can create a lovely effect. 

As well as prints and cards of a larger size I have been playing with creating bookmarks, pendants (no photos yet sorry) and various other little novelty gift ideas for a fair in October – I can plan for that but am no where near ready for the Glass Flame Off Show in June! 

It is no secret I love pencils but I hate watercolour and have yet to master that medium no matter how hard I try, I am a whizz at making mud with the colours but with the Inktense they give you the ability to layer colour without creating mud and gives me the vivid intense colour that I love about glass.  I would love to see if anyone uses them on fabric, if you create fabric art I would highly recommend having a go and do post your photos on the  Art Element FB page so we can see.


Laney Mead

A convert to glass from a life of doodling and drawing Laney started her artistic career with no formal training but a passion for paper and pencils.  With the help of a friendly artist who took her under his wing, she learnt how to use coloured pencil as a fine art medium and to experiment in abstract work with acrylic and oils, this led to painting murals all over the house walls, don't ask her about the 'space themed bedroom for her son and then having to try and paint it white to sell the house!'  and although she longed to paint real 'outside' murals and got asked to do so she couldn't commit the long travel involved with two, then small kids.  After several years of custom pet portraits in pencil she chanced upon a weekend of lampworking.  After being shown how to use the torch and asked to not burn down the studio she spent a blissful 2 days creating the wonkiest beads you ever did see.  She has been lampworking since 2008 and is finally at the point when her realism in pet portraits is merging with the glass.  Other than that one weekend she has never had a lesson and is completely self taught in all her techniques.  When she isn't melting glass she is writing for Cat World magazine about living with her brain damaged 'celebrity' cat Gordy and the newcomer old Teeko cat.  She lives in rural Herefordshire UK with views from her bedroom window over the Welsh Mountains with her husband, Golden Retrievers Izabel and Defi as well as the cats and two grown up kids that refuse to leave home.  She is currently campaigning for 'Kidsxit'.
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