Creative Block!!!

May 21, 2014 , In: Beadwork, General, Inspiration
Good Morning.  There has been a flurry of beading going on and some deadlines that were met.  Custom pieces that were completed and in process of completion.  A clean or almost clean bead tray actually freaks me out so I went to my stash.

Look at all those.  The centers are artbeads and the little file cabinets are seeds and do you know what happened?  None of them are talking to each other.  Creative block attack!  I know it happens to everyone and it has happened to me before but this time it was so strange.  Strange because I have amazing artbeads.  I have a good supply of seeds to match why oh why cant I seem to find the inspiration?

This is my overflow tray.   

Things that need to be finished but how to finish has stumped me.  

There are groupings of seeds and beads that work well together but the way to do them is stumping me.  

Also there are a couple of pieces I need to get tutorials written for but for some reason each time I get to photographing them the pictures are turning out incredibly blurry and for me that doesn’t happen very often.  

I know if I force it I will not be happy with the results.  The other
issue for me is I have found that I work so much better with surprises. 
I am actually thinking that the next time I have the bucks to buy beads
I am just sending payment with a request to surprise me!

I think I just need to step away for a bit.  I hate doing that because for me beading is very therapeutic.   So what do you do when this happens to you?


Kristen Stevens

Kristen Stevens has always been a crafter of sorts.  Cross stitch, quilting, quilling, knitting, and since 2009 totally addicted to seed beads.  Then the discovery of art beads added to the addiction.  She has been complimented on her unique approach to blend colors, shapes and inspiration from the art beads and nature. She has also been writing her own tutorials. 
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    I get serious blocks in middle of every collection, I open all my bead bags, just stare into them until late in the night and put them back without doing a thing. I know that it will pass so I stop beading for a few days, do research on new materials or idea or do things that are completely unrelated to jewelry. Listening to Igor Stravinsky helps

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      Thank you for sharing what you do!!!

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    Sometimes it's like things just need to be put away for a little while to mature. And focus on something completely different in the meantime to clear the mind [be it not beading at all or just moving to a different projects — or, as I love to, do some bead/embroidery doodling]. Sometimes I end up undoing what I've done to begin over again with a clean slate, other times things just fall into place when I pick up the WIP again. (And to be honest, some pieces just don't want to be made so after a long time as WIPs I pick them apart and return the beads to the stash.)

    Do you have the same colour beads in different shapes? It's happened to me that I've gotten stuck as I wanted to use a certain colour combo, but just had each colour in one type of bead and they just didn't want to be used together. Shapes and sizes didn't work or challenged me in a less than fun way. Don't know if that's the issue for you, but it's something that I find to be a frustrating obstacle at times. Once the beads are picked up, I get so focused on wanting to use those particular colours that I try too hard to make them fit because I don't have other beads in the colours I've set my mind on…

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    I have done the same thing with WIPs. And yes I have had that problem with color combos too! WOW I am so glad I am not alone.

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    I step away. Otherwise, I just get all my stuff out and stare at it. I Look like one of those folks who keep opening the fridge and staring into it as if magically something else will eventually appear in there! LOL!! I like to turn to unrelated things for inspiration and try to find something else to occupy my 'design time' for a couple of days and see how that works. Usually it works,…sometimes it takes longer than at other times though. Just breathe. 🙂

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      LOL I did feel like I was staring into the fridge!!!

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    I'm right there with you at the moment 🙁 I love your idea of "surprise me" LOL I don't really know what works for me, because it's never the same. Probably the most common is looking again at a piece I put aside long ago because I either didn't know how to finish it, or really disliked what I'd started to begin with, and suddenly it hits me how to do it right (which might mean starting over), and then I'm off again.

    Sometimes I will just pick up wire and start doodling and see what happens. Usually nothing of any value comes of it, but it at least gets me doing SOMEthing and that can help. I get afraid to "do it wrong" so I don't do anything. Not good.

    Sometimes I will just pick up one of my favorite jewelry books and look to see what piece I like, then make my own interpretation of it. That doesn't require a wholllle lot of thought, but it again gets me doing something, anything, and at least I end up with something usable.

    I'm in a bit of a forced hiatus right now because of Spring stuff outside – veggies that have been growing inside all Winter get transplanted to grow bigger before getting into the garden, grass to mow, warm weather projects to start, and I don't even get inside after work until 8-9pm, and still have to eat dinner.

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      I am still waiting to plant here which will take up some of my time. I will look for some inspiration like you all have suggested!

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    I don't have this issue. The only time I'm stumped is with a clean studio. I thrive on the chaos. Too many ideas, too little time. My muse works overtime. Would you like to borrow her. She says that beautiful yellow piece is too monochromatic. Try breaking it up with some color and texture. She suggests a little bit of black eyelash yarn. Think Black Eyed Susan. I love surprises too. Even when I order beads, I usually create with the bonuses thrown in first.

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    Lately, when it happens, I have been doodling/zentangling until I feel more like me. It really helps me to refocus, I think. Coloring in the doodles, helped too. 🙂

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      If only I had that talent!! LOL

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    WOW you have some great ideas there!!! I would love to borrow your muse.

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    I find playing on pinterist for a while usually helps me. I also get out old beading books and just thumb through them until something strikes my fancy and then I am off creating again. Sometimes I just do another craft for a few days.

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      I have been looking at Pinterest but it isn't helping. LOL

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    When I have a block, I go read, I have several very special authors and my taste are varied as well. So I keep their books on hand and go read! That normally helps….

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    Isn't it funny that sometimes you can sit down and everything just flows with little or no effort and other times blank!!! It'll come back you can't really force it, just sit down regularly and play and eventually the flow will happen.

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    I definitely take a break when I'm having a creative block. Yesterday was so bad that I couldn't even manage to photograph things I'd already finished, let alone come up with anything new, so I decided to stop working and take some time to just read, relax, enjoy my kids. I'm hoping that in a day or two at most I'll be ready to get back to work! Hope your creative spark comes back soon, too!

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