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March 22, 2014 , In: General, Inspiration

I was thinking this week of creating some copper components to enamel for earring pairs that could be mixed and matched, but wasn’t really sure what colors I wanted to incorporate, then remembered all the inspirational Pinterest photos I’ve seen featuring Pantone’s Colors for Spring 2014. We have all been touting Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014…why, even Karen Totten did a great blog post last month about the color. It is a bright and gorgeous color…one of my favorites of all time!  But, what about those other colors for Spring 2014 that Pantone included in its picks? I decided to find out…here is the list.  Look at these gorgeous spring shades!

Photo courtesy of www.ofdist.com, via Pinterest

I started going through my enamel stash to see what I had to match…some would have to be mixes of shades to get as close as I could, but I chose 4 to recreate for now.

Don’t look at my crappy enameling job…these were sort of experiments and as such were done pretty quickly.  They will need some tweaking, but these are my versions of Celosia Orange, Freesia, Placid Blue, and Sand.  I put them in some different combos…lots of possibilities!

For you torch-fire enamel enthusiasts out there, my recipes are easy.  Pretty basic, and as I said, aren’t perfect, but pretty close!

  • Placid Blue – Robin’s Egg
  • Freesia – base of white with Egg yellow transparent
  • Celosia Orange – Sunset Orange
  • Sand – Nut Brown

Oh, and by the way, you can get a pretty good Radiant Orchid using white, or off-white as a base with Raspberry transparent on top!

Hope your day is drenched in color!

Melissa Meman
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Melissa Meman

Melissa Meman is a mixed-media jewelry artist and owner of Melismatic Art Jewelry. She loves all things metal... fabrication, fold-forming, enameling, but has recently been drawn into metal clay and polymer clay! Her Melismatic Morsel line features pendants, charms, and more in all her favorite mediums. Melissa lives in Frederick, MD with her husband and son and dreams of retiring from her day job, and resorting to singing and hammering/finishing metal for a livelihood!
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    Great article and I love your colors:O)

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    I loved seeing the different pairings you put together. I especially liked the sand with the blue.

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