Book Review: The Jewelry Maker’s Design Book

February 7, 2014 , In: Book Reviews, General
just arrived at my doorstep a few days ago. As soon as I opened it I knew I was going to enjoy looking through it and I have certainly done that numerous times already!

Much of it seems to be a little outside of my style but it was really fun to look through and see all the interesting pieces Deryn Mentock has created from her years of Hunting and Gathering. That said, some of it is very similar jewelry I’ve created in the past using Sari Silk and Dangling Beads and I do think I pulled some new ideas and inspiration from several of her creations as well.

Developing Concepts: Finding inspiration and keeping a journal.
I’ve tried many times to keep a journal over the years and never quite keep it going, the look of Deryn’s amazing journal might give me the jump start I need to try again.
I’d love to take some 2 part mold to the cover of the journal in the above picture!!!

Beads and Stones: Where to find, what to look for and storage.
Wouldn’t you love to look through Deryn’s bead stash, HEAVEN!!

Along with all the information about found objects and the design process there are numerous step by step projects for creating finished jewelry with Journal Notes and Design tips every few pages.
These Everyday Boho Earrings are some of my favorite!!

Not only does she share numerous Jewelry Design projects but also
How To’s on working with Metal. Annealing, Headpins, Wrapping, Hook Closures.
 Also working with Vintage, Stringing, Drillng and Setting Eyelets.
 A ton of useful information for creating from start to finish.

If you like found objects, combining new and old or stones and metal in unique and beautiful ways you’ll love this book. It’s a beautiful book I would proudly display as a Coffee Table Book but it’s one that I would also go to often for ideas and inspiration.


Kristi Bowman

Kristi Bowman has been working with Precious Metal Clay since 2008, she's moved from Silver to Bronze now Copper.    She's been dabbling in various forms of art most of her life but only recently really made it part of everyday life. A little bit of Polymer Clay has recently been added along with some Enameling and Pewter Casting and many other art forms she hasn't quite found the time to play with.
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    I received my copy the other day, too and still reading – there is so much information to absorb. It's really not a beginner's how-to book for learning and building basic skills. But it is for a beginner who wants to understand the foundation of sound designing. And that's what I like. It is full of eye candy with amazing photography by Deryn. It does not disappoint.

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    Oooh, this does look like an amazing book. I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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