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March 20, 2013 , In: General

A couple days ago I received two brand new releases from Kalmbach to review and thought I would do both for today.

First up is Multistrand Jewelry, which is a compilation of projects from Bead Style magazine. And while it does contain previously published projects, this particular book has the added value of a two page spread filled with tips on working with being successful with multistrand designs. In addition, each project includes a “secrets for success” tip, which is very invaluable.


I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and kind of wish I had read some of these tips a long time ago rather than having to struggle. Because I don’t do many multistrand projects, I still learned some valuable things I didn’t know that may be common knowledge to those who do them all the time (I don’t know…) I’m definitely seeing moremultistrands in my future. I love the complexity and lushness of the designs.

The second book I received is Metallic Seed Bead Splendor by Nancy Zellers.


As you probably know by now, I am NOT a seed beader kind of person. I can only give my opinion based on my observations. Obviously, the theme of this particular book is using metallic colored seed beads. The designs vary widely between simple, chic, and streamlined, and very complex looking, with a lot of stuff in between.

The stitch basics covered in the techniques section: flat and tubular peyote, zipping up, ladder stitch, brick stitch, tubular herringbone, square stitch, right angle weave, circular right angle weave, and St Petersburg chain.

I took a few photos of some of my favorite designs, and also to show you some of the range. Keep in mind, the photos in the book are beautiful. The photos below are from my iPhone, then filtered through instagram.





If you are a seedy person, I really think there is something for you. The designs are gorgeous. Instructions are clear. 
Would you like to win one of these books? In the comments below, tell me which book you would like and why. This is vital! I would hate for someone who doesn’t work with seed beads to win the book about seed beads. Or a person who doesn’t string to win the multistrand jewelry book. 
Make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you.
And I’m really sorry, but because I pay for shipping out of pocket and shipping outside the US has gotten so out of hand, only those with a US shipping address are eligible to win. 
Winners will be drawn Sunday March 24th sometime in the evening. 
Good luck!
-Jen Cameron

Jennifer Cameron

Combining fire and glass since 2005, Jen Cameron discovered jewelry making after realizing a small child could disappear in the growing collection of beads sitting around the house. Jen is the adoring mother of two, jackpot winner in the husband category, and zookeeper of several pets. Jen is also the instigator for bringing together this team of innovative, talented, passionate and dynamic women to write for Art Jewelry Elements.
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    Great review! I have to put this one on my wish list!

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    Thanks for doing these book reviews! They help me narrow down my book wish list. I would love to have either book. I do seed beading as well as stringing. If I had to pick one, I would go with Metallic Seed Bead Splendor.

  3. There is nothing more delicious than a good jewelry making book! I love them. And both books work for me! I create multi-strand necklaces consistently; rarely do I make a single strand necklace. Likewise, I love beadweaving, and metallics are especially intriguing because of their chic style and high end look.

    Excellent book reviews. Thank you!


    (toltecjewels [at] aol.com)

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    I would love to win the multistrand book. creativedesignanywhere@yahoo.com

    Thank you,

  5. Reply

    Thanks for the reviews and the giveaway – I would love to win the multi-strand book, I do tons of multi-strand necklaces and bet there are tips and tricks that I could use in my work. flesch1234 {at} gmail.com

    • Lynn
    • March 20, 2013

    Thanks for doing these book reviews to keep us all posted on techniques and information. I would love the Multistrand Jewelry book if I were ever so lucky to win!

  6. Reply

    Great book reviews! The multistrand book intrigues me.

  7. I'm starting to really look at my jewelry designing skills and improve them. (I've always been a bead maker in the past.) So the book on multi-strand necklaces would be very welcome.

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    This is a great review! I had seen the book on multi strand jewelry advertised online but I hate to buy a book that looks like it is full of information I need, only to find it does not. I was so happy for this review from someone whose opinion I value.. I've mot worked much with multi strands but I am just now starting to love it. I am definitely putting this book on my "wish list" for whenever my doctor clears me to go back to work. I would really love to win it. (Lee: Stregajewellry@yahoo.com)

  9. I've been enjoying this blog so much! Always interesting things going on. And which book? I'd love to get my hands on the multi strand book!

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    LOved your review of both books, I'd be happy to win either one of them.

    craftyd3 (at) yahoo.com

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    I would love to win the seed bead book. I am looking to learn new stitches and delve into more weaving.

    • Angi
    • March 20, 2013

    Thanks for the great reviews! You always have such amazing info! Pretty please count me in for this awesome giveaway! I would love to have the Multistrand Necklace book. I also struggle with multistrand designs and any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    Angi Mullis dj2isme@aol.com

  12. Reply

    Great reviews! I would like to win the multistrand book, but your photos make the sees beading book look very tempting.

  13. Reply

    Thanks for the reviews. I fear seed beads. Well not the beads themselves but bead weaving is too much like sewing which is what I fear. So if I had my choice of books it would be the multi strand book. Thanks for the chance to win this book you are kind and very generous.

    joeymoma93@yahoo.com is my email.

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    The Multistrand Jewelry book is right up my alley – would LOVE to win it, as finances are kinda tight right now!

    Sandi – melonrose@frontiernet.net

  15. Reply

    Thank you for the reviews and chance to win. I'd like a chance at the Multistrand Secret for Success. I love multistrand pieces, but I feel like I need a few secrets because I'm never quite satisfied with mine! annschroeder5 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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    Would love help on multi-stranding! Thank you for the opportunity.
    Pawtucket, RI


  17. Reply

    I am not a seed bead person, maybe someday I would like to try my hand at it. That is when I retire from my day job. But for right now, the multistrand jewelry book would be my choice. Helpful reviews, thank you. You can contact me at…

  18. Reply

    I'd love to win the multi-strand book. I'm trying to do more multi-strand pieces, but not sure they're really turning out the way I want and not sure what to do. Thanks.


  19. Reply

    I'm your seed bead girl, so that one is a definite draw for me! Thanks for the giveaway! smoore81 at sc dot rr dot com.

    • Barb
    • March 21, 2013

    Love your insights, tips and assistance. I am a novice multi-strand beader who could benefit from all of the tips to improve my work. Thanks for the opportunity. bwhutch@comcast.net

  20. Reply

    Thank you for the reviews! I am always on the lookout for good beading books, and I appreciate your insight.

    And thank you, too, for the chance to win one of them! That is very generous of you. I personally would love to win either book, actually… I do more multi-strand work, but I am starting to venture forth into the realm of seed beadery. I think either book would be extremely helpful!

    Thank you again!


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    Love the reviews, it is really helpful to be able to get someone else's opinion before deciding on a book. I would so love to improve my skills with multi strand necklaces. maloneve@gmail.com thanks.

  22. Reply

    Those look wonderful. I would choose Metallic Seed Bead Splendor. (It's on my wish list.) Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Reply

    Thank you for doing the book reviews. I am recently studying the art of jewelry making with a wonderful talented jewelry designer with years of experience. The book that I am most interested in is the Metallic Seed Bead Splendir and the reason is that when I started jewelry making I was a young teen and that was all that we did. We worked with seed beading all the time, rainy days, when bored, you name it. We came up with some unique designs that we developed into ankle wear, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even embroidered on the clothes we made. I think I have some seed beads tucked away in storage but they would be impossible to find in the unit. Anyway, these designs are far more sophisticated than what we did but it would be great to get back into this fine art form. Thanks again for sharing the information.
    email: lamokalakerat1@gmail.com

  24. Reply

    Thanx Jen for the book reviews. Both of the books sound interesting. My choice would be the metallic seed bead book. I appreciate the chance to win one. This site is awesome. I have learned a lot by reading it.

  25. Reply

    Oooooooh! I would choose either of these, so if I win, feel free to send me whichever suits your fancy! 🙂

  26. Reply

    Both book look like that would be chocked fun of fun projects. I find working with seed beads to be meditative and metallic bead are the best. I am always interested in finding way to make multi-strand necklaces and that one has been on my wish list.

  27. Reply

    Thank you Jen for the reviews. I would love to have the chance to win the metallic seed bead book. I was just looking at it on-line two days ago and got very excited when I read your review. I enjoy working with seed beads and always find new ideas challenging and fun. Thanks again for offering the giveaway. beadsbyandra@gmail.com

  28. Reply

    Agreed, thanks for the reviews… I was wondering about the multi-strand one. 🙂 I'm not much for seed beads, so please put me in the running for the multi-strand one. Thanks so much for your generosity!!

  29. Reply

    Great reviews! I would love to have either book.

  30. Reply

    Great reviews! thank you for that!! I have been eyeing the Metallic Seed Bead book, and so glad to have a peak inside. I'm in the throws of learning several new stitches for Christine & Therese's Time to Stitch blog hop, and that book would be fantastic right about now!! I would love a chance to win!

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