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I recently wrote about 7000 Bracelets and Ears to You charities, and today I’m writing about Beads of Courage! 

 Bumpy beads made by Susan for a specific request.

From their web site, Beads of Courage is “…a resilience-based
intervention designed to support and strengthen children and families
coping with serious illness. Through the program children tell their
story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that
commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment

beads” are commercially produced beads due to the volume of
beads needed.  They are tied to the color chart children receive when
they first join.  The color chart is tied to specific treatment events
in a child’s journey.  “Act of Courage” beads are beads made by glass
artists that represent milestones in a child’s treatment journey.  Here
are some guidelines about donating beads:

What is an Act of Courage Bead?Act
of Courage Beads can take almost any form that you would like to
make-it’s an opportunity for you to let your imagination go! The 3/32″
mandrel is preferred but other sizes are also usable.
Special Requirements for Act of Courage Beads: Please
have nice ‘puckers’ on the ends of the beads, sharp edges on the bead
holes cut fingers and can not be sent out. Overly frilly bits sticking
out may break off and leave sharp edges on the surface, be sure that
raised dots have solid connections (no undercuts) and that surface
decorations are robust enough to take some knocking about.
ask that you refrain from using reduction frit or glasses that give a
metallic sheen on the surface due to heavy metal issues with these
materials. We can’t send metallic reduction surface beads to the kids.
Anneal your beads properly in a kiln to ensure they don’t crack. Cracked beads have to go in the waste basket.
make sure that the bead release is cleaned out. Beads with the release
still inside take more time for our volunteer staff to clean and this
tremendously slows down turnaround time to the hospitals.
you send your beads please fill out the Bead Donation Form, it helps us
to expedite sending you a receipt and certificate for your donation.
Polymer Clay Beads are
used in many of our programs including Creative Courage Journal, Beads
of Courage Program for Siblings, Arts-in-Medicine Workshops and as a
Member’s Choice bead in the Beads of Courage Program.
Special Requirements for Polymer Clay Beads: Any
size or shape is acceptable. The kids love bright colors! Our preferred
hole size is 3/32″ with no sharp corners, edges, or protrusions that
would easily break off. Please remember that they beads are worn and
handled by children and should be sturdy enough to stand up to wear and
Other Manufactured Beads are
used in many of our fundraising activities and workshops. We welcome
your donation of miscellaneous beads, they all find a perfect home to
further the mission of Beads of Courage, Inc.
Bead Delivery to Hospitals: None
of our member hospitals are set up for direct donation. All beads
distributed in our programs are our responsibility, we need to see every
Act of Courage bead before it goes out.
How do Donate Beads
Print and fill out this Bead Donation Form and send with your beads.
Mail to:
Beads of Courage, Inc.
Attn: Bead Donations
3230 N. Dodge Blvd. Suite J
Tucson, AZ 85716
Simmons, PhD, our Director of Bead Donations is available to answer
your questions. His email is rsimmons@beadsofcourage.org. 

AJE’s own Jennifer Stout-Cameron holds a Beads of Courage Charm Swap/Auction every year.  Participants are asked to make charms to swap, related to a specific theme, and one to auction on eBay.  All proceeds are directly donated to Beads of Courage.  This year our theme is “Soar”. While the function is quite fun, it’s also very worthwhile – last year, $1500 was donated to Beads of Courage.  Most people donate more than one charm to be auctioned.  While this year’s signups are closed, you should look for our auction on eBay on November 14th! And please consider joining next year, it’s lots of fun!


Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy Susan, the owner of SueBeads, started making glass beads in 2005 because she loved lampworked beads so much, but wanted to make her own instead of buying them on ebay! She also makes enameled components and dabbles in polymer clay, but her first love is glass. She has attended jewelry-making classes at ArtBLISS and has taken classes from Barbara Lewis (torch fired enameling) in addition to several classes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.
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