Bead Fest 2015 – our views

August 24, 2015 , In: Events, Inspiration

Bead Fest 2015 was spectacular. Beads, buddies, buying, bartering with artist friends in trade.

The day after.

Those of us that were there are a bit hungover from the bead bounty, and sit fondling our loot, planning, imagining… But let me take a few minutes to regale you with images from the weekend! Thanks to all my AJE team members for the pictures, this post is a team effort! 



Sue sends in the group shot from our annual AJE dinner! Sorry that Francesca had to miss due to a snafu with class kits… 


Jenny:  1. the view from the “inside”… 2. Meeting AJE reader and friends Melissa Trudger in from Australia! 3. Vintage treasures from my neighbor Echo Artworks. 4. Harry Boardman – artist and sometimes “bead slave” to Heather at HMB  Studio. 


Diana: 1-2. Class sample from chainmaille daisy class- and classmate Sue. 3. Finally meeting Francesca! 4. Photo ops with friends and AJE readers!


Francesca: 1. First class, all serious. 2. Last class, true colors. 3. Rockhounds and metal smiths – R. Salley, Francesca, G. Wilson. 4-5. students at work! 


Linda: 1. Anne of Gardanne Beads. 2. Michelle McCarthy and her ceramic beads. Linda and me at my booth.

Lesley: 1-2. Assisting Cooky Schock in the Braided wire bangle class, Sandi V. at work. 3. The delightful Mak of Maku Raku. 4. Wire bangles from Cooky’s class. 5. Maku Raku treasures. 6. Cooky at work. 

Saturday night’s all right for bead friends! 

Now I’m off to unload the car, and look at my loot! Have a great Monday…


Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jenny Davies-Reazor is a mixed media artist inspired by myth, folklore and the natural world. A proud Jack-of-all-trades, she concentrated in metals and painting in art school, turned to clay during her teaching career, and is truly happiest when mixing materials in unusual ways. From clay to resin, paper to polymer... Since leaving her ceramics classroom, Jenny is always in the studio: fabricating jewelry, creating ceramic shrines and decorative tiles, and teaching in a variety of mediums. " I love sharing my passion for art, and seeing sparks light up in student's eyes..."
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    Fabulous weekend with so many lovely people and gorgeous bead treasures…. Let's do it again soon!

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    Looks like it was loads of fun! I miss you guys already!

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    It was such a terrific week, and so wonderful to finally meet you at last! I'm already looking forward to next year!

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    Looks like it was a fantastic event and everybody had a great time, not to mention everybody came home with lots and lots of marvelous booty.

    • StaC
    • August 25, 2015

    So much fun in such a little time! Looks awesome!

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    Thanks for taking that great picture during Cooky's wire bangle class! I had a great time making that project..and also getting to meet you and Lesley in-person!!!

    • huin
    • December 17, 2015

    Looks like it was a fantastic event for us.

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