April Component of the Month and Giveaway

April 2, 2013 , In: General

There was a last minute switch in who was hosting component of the month for April. I will admit I have not completely thought out exactly what each designer will receive, except it will be at least one (maybe more) lampwork headpin on 18g copper wire. 

Something like these:

Or something like these:

Here’s how the giveaway, challenge, and blog-hop will work (please read all the information carefully!):

  • I will give away at least 1 component to each of 3 winners selected randomly from those who leave comments below this post. 
  • Please include your EMAIL address in your comment so that I can contact you ASAP should you win.
  • Please (PLEASE) only leave a comment if you can commit to creating a finished piece and blogging about it on the reveal date.
  • If I decide to give you a choice (and that’s still up in the air), please let me know spiral (looks better from the side) or murrini (looks better from the top)
  • I’ll choose the color, so you’ll be surprised!
  • The names of the 3 winners will be announced late Sunday evening, April 7th.
  • Because of the time crunch involved with the last minute change and that I have a 3 day show this weekend and unable to ship until next week, this giveaway is open to US participants only. (I’m just afraid that components wouldn’t get to people in time if I tried to ship them internationally. Sorry!)
  • The blog reveal will be Tuesday April 30th. Please note, you will have less than 3 weeks to create your design. 
I’m super excited to see what people will design using my components!
-Jen Cameron

Jennifer Cameron

Combining fire and glass since 2005, Jen Cameron discovered jewelry making after realizing a small child could disappear in the growing collection of beads sitting around the house. Jen is the adoring mother of two, jackpot winner in the husband category, and zookeeper of several pets. Jen is also the instigator for bringing together this team of innovative, talented, passionate and dynamic women to write for Art Jewelry Elements.
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    I love these! I would definitely go with the murrini, such pretty colors!

  2. Reply

    Those are super cool!! I love them both but especially the first ones!! YA!!

  3. Reply

    Can't wait to play with those…

  4. Reply

    LOVE them…I'd go spirals!

  5. Reply

    They are both gorgeous designs but I am definitely a spiral girl…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Reply

    What a challenge for me! So excited!

  7. Reply

    Oooh! So pretty! I especially love the spiral ones (I'm a sucker for spirals and swirls) but both are just lovely. I would love to create something for the design challenge. sjdesignsjewelry [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks for the chance!

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    Sobs! Can we pretend Ontario is the 51st state just for a little while 😉 seriously gorgeous! That second one in with the pink looks so much like one of my mums paperweights – she has a pretty splendid collection. I will be very excited to see what everyone makes

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    Oh, choose me choose me!!!! I LOVE them!!!! And either one, your choice! 🙂 I'm at

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    Okay, I'll go with the murrini, they are so beautiful I'm sure I can make something (even though I haven't a clue right now!)

  12. Reply

    Ooooh! I wanna play! Murrini it is. I've already got an idea.

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    I like them both so either will do for me if I am chosen. I have my fingers crossed. Karen

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    Wow, those are so cool. I haven't a clue what I'd do with either one, but that's the idea of the challenge, right? 😉 I think I like the murrini best, but I'm sure either element would be great!

  15. Reply

    If there is a choice, I'd take the murrini, but both are really awesome, Jen!

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    If I have a choice, I'd really like the murrini. However, they both would be fun to work with! 🙂

  17. Reply

    Bring it on. Love em' Jen

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    Oh Jen, I'd love to try these babies! I have a problem though…I can't choose between them! They are both seriously cool, so I'd be fine with either.

  19. Reply

    The murrini would be my choice, but I would love to get either. My email is

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    They're all beautiful! If my name is chosen, just surprise me.

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    Love the murrini and love working with decorative head pins.

  22. Reply

    Please surprise me! I would love to work with either of these beautiful components. Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Reply

    I LOVE them both.. wish I could play.. but not this time… but next time count me in!

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    Both are pretty but the murrini have my vote. Thanks for the chance, Miss Jen, to work with your glass lovelies! Enjoy the day. Erin
    enjoytheday @ tesoritrovati . com

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    Either of these would work for me, but I do like the murrini headpins.

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    Oops, forgot my email:

    • Jean
    • April 3, 2013

    Holy cazongas! I love your work! I am so glad I stopped by to visit! You are very very creative! My email is

    jean! xox

    • Jean
    • April 3, 2013

    je amo il murrini! I forgot to say. They are bellissimo!

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    I'm in! I am retired, so I have time!

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    I've never seen headpins w/ a coil like that, very cool!

  29. Reply

    I would love a shot… up and running….thanks 🙂

  30. I love love love these! I have seen them in person, and they are fantastic, Jenn!!

    I added a pair into the Bead Soup I sent my last minute, second BSBP7 partner, Pam Hurst Designs, and I have a pair to work with of my own! 🙂 They are just beautiful, and I'm excited to buy many in the future to share with friends and use in lots of glowing jewelry!

    I love both styles equally; both have great design potential!


    toltecjewels (at) aol (dot) com

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    Ooh, please put my name in the hat! labmicha (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com

  32. Reply

    Sorry 4 got my e, 🙂

  33. Reply

    I would love to play and I would be thrilled to bits with either so surprise me too.
    Cillawatkins (at) live (dot)com

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