An Idea That Worked! Then a Teaser

March 24, 2017 , In: Beadwork, Fiber, Tutorials

A thought came to me while taking a shower, my best place to think and come up with ideas. I wanted to make an amulet bag for a Challenge of the Month that Cathy Mendoza has presented for Art Elements. Unfortunately, my time right now is very full of projects and packing for our big switch to “Life on the Road” also known as living in a 34′ RV with two dogs. Oh, and a husband. Did I mention the husband? We’ve been honing our skills and are ready to go full time. But back to my idea. How to make an amulet bag that would be functional but quick. What I came up with was to take iron-on interfacing, cardboard and some of my handspun yarn and create my bag.


I chose this particular weight of interfacing because I wanted the extra body it would give to the bag. I’m glad that I did because it seems to be just right. I followed the instructions but found that it took a lot more ironing time than what it recommends. Also, let your piece rest till it’s completely cool or you may find that your pieces may separate if not completely cooled off. Though I used handspun yarn to wrap around the cardboard and interfacing, fabric would work also. 


I wrapped the yarn not quite to the bottom of the cardboard to be sure that the yarn would not come off the bottom of the piece, did the ironing then trimmed the extra cardboard off.


When I was ready to remove the cardboard I carefully folded it a bit then slipped it out. The last row of yarn on the top and bottom was not completely bonded but that was fine, it will get stitched in.


The next step was to close the bottom and finish the top. I used C-Lon .5 and did the stitching using a buttonhole stitch.


I used a hand-marbled piece of fabric left from my quilting days to line the bag.


And here it is ready to be embellished. So, here’s the teaser: you will have to wait until March 30 to see the finished piece and all the other great little amulet bags that my team members and guests will be sharing at


Cooky Schock

Cooky Schock has been a maker her whole life-teddy bears, quilts, clothing, weaving, knitting and gourds...For the last 18 years she has been immersed in beads and metal both creating with, selling and teaching. And she has finally found her passion-Teaching! Recently she rediscovered macrame, something she did in the 70’s this time updated and small-micro macramé! She lives in San Diego with her husband and two pups. They are all getting ready to take their show on the road (literally) in a new RV, living life wherever the road takes them.
    • Heather Barge
    • March 24, 2017

    OOh I do like this idea. I’ve had some lovely wool sitting in a cupboard for a few years now. This could well find a use for it at last.

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