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“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” ~Mark Twain

 My heart yearns for warm sunshine and blossoms at this time of year.  And nature fulfills that longing with abundance.  Tulips, daffodils and hellebores.  Lilacs, cherry blossoms and crocus.  A walk through the garden brings such a feast of color and beauty!

For many of us this outpouring of color translates into the urge to create.  I have gathered some jewelry components here to help you fulfill that urge.  Set one of these beauties out on your work table, find out which beads in your stash are clamoring to join the party and let your designer’s heart blossom!  

I’m also offering up some finished jewelry that you might enjoy for yourself or perhaps for a Mother’s Day or Graduation gift.

This Emerald Amulet Bag with a Stitched Flower would make a great ready-made Mother’s Day gift.  It was made by Lindsay Starr of Phantasm Creates.
These Dogwood Flower Earrings by Lesley Watt of TheaJewelry features polymer clay flowers by AJE team member  Rebekah Payne.
Turquoise and Peach Flower Earrings by yours truly (Linda Landig Jewelry).  These earrings feature bronze flowers by AJE member, Lesley Watt.
I hope you feel inspired now!  If it is warm enough where you live, try sitting in the sun while you are beading.  Wishing you sunshine, blossoms and happiness!  Till next time-
Linda Landig
Linda Landig Jewelry


Linda Landig

Linda Landig has been designing jewelry for over 30 years. Color play is the driving force in her work, closely followed by an obsession with texture. Linda soon discovered that art beads could provide much of the color and texture she sought. Linda has an affinity for floral themes, dating back to childhood efforts to raise irises. She has taken courses in metalsmithing and lampwork, but it is ceramics that has captured her heart. Linda has two adult children and lives in Olympia, WA with her husband of 42 years.
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    Everything is beautiful but those moonflowers and Lesleys dogwood earrings just make my heart happy!

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    I know! So much pretty!

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    Lovely collection!

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    Thanks Melissa! Your white copper flower is stunning!

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